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Chief leading expert on stage - the first online live broadcast of

03-17Chief leading expert on stage - the first online live broadcast of "citrus planting communication seminar" was successfully held

From August 2 to 3, the online activity of "communication and Discussion on suitable planting of Citrus" hosted by the national modern agriculture (Citrus) industrial system and undertaken by Hubei GreenKel Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully carried out. Professor Deng xiuxin, chief expert of national modern agriculture (Citrus) industry technology system and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, took the lead in teaching, researcher Liu Jianjun, chief expert of citrus b...

03-17Mr. Larry won the "Yellow Crane Friendship Award" in 2011
Wuhan municipal government has made a decision to determine the list of "Yellow Crane Friendship Award" in 2011. There are 8 winners in total, from Britain, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Among the experts, Mr. Larry, chairman of Wuhan Ruilai fertilizer Co., Ltd., a wholly American owned company, won the award. Mr. Larry came to China for the first time in August 2004 and brought the advanced agricultural fertilization technology of the United States to China. Greenca...
03-17Wuhan Ruilai fertilizer was invited to attend the press conference of non-public enterprise development forum
On March 9, 2011, the press conference of the non-public enterprise development forum was grandly held in Beijing. Many leaders including Chen Peng, vice president of the China Society of international trade, Cui Dianjia, vice president of the China Association for the promotion of enterprise cooperation, attended the meeting.This forum will continue the pragmatic style of previous sessions, earnestly study, explore and solve the outstanding difficulties and problems faced by the development of ...
03-17American experts came to our city to guide and exchange the planting technology of solar greenhouse
Our reporter (reporter Qin Wei) from March 20 to 21, Larry Markoff, an American plant nutrition expert, chairman of greencare company and chairman of Wuhan Ruilai fertilizer Co., Ltd., came to our city to investigate, study, guide and exchange the promotion and application of drip irrigation technology and water fertilizer integration technology in facility agriculture.Larry Markoff and his party successively came to Yangtong village, Yongchang Town, Liangzhou District, Fangfa Town, Xinzhuang vi...
Symptoms of crop zinc deficiency?

03-17Symptoms of crop zinc deficiency?

Symptoms of crop zinc deficiency: first, it appears in the old leaves, the growth is inhibited, the plants are short, the internodes are broken, the tillers are few or delayed, the leaf veins lose green, and there are albino symptoms. Maize and rice were sensitive to zinc deficiency, followed by dicotyledons potato, tomato and sugar beet; Perennial fruit trees are sensitive to zinc, such as citrus, grape, peach and apple. Zinc deficiency has a great impact on fruit quality.

03-17Crop molybdenum deficiency symptoms?
Symptoms of molybdenum deficiency in crops: first appear in the leaves in the middle of the old leaves or stems, and gradually develop to the young leaves and growth points. The plants are short and grow slowly. The leaves have yellow or orange spots of different sizes. In serious cases, the leaf edges wither, the leaves twist into a cup, and the old leaves thicken, scorch and die. Leguminous crops have the largest demand for molybdenum, and cruciferous cauliflower and cabbage also have high demand for molybdenum. Molybdenum fertilizer also had a great effect on the quality of winter wheat.
03-17Nutritional function of molybdenum fertilizer?
The nutritional functions of molybdenum include: it is a component of nitrate reductase and nitrogenase; Promote photosynthesis and respiration; Promote the metabolism of organic phosphorus compounds; Promote the construction of reproductive organs.
03-17Relationship between magnesium fertilizer and crop yield
According to the magnesium status of soil in South China, the fertilizer effect of magnesium fertilizer on more than 20 crops was studied, and rich production data were obtained. The test results showed that the yield of tobacco, sugarcane, rape, soybean, sweet potato, pepper, tomato, citrus, pineapple and banana increased by 285.0, 8850.0, 105.0, 120.0, 1035.0, 4485.0, 5655.0, 3705.0, 300.0 and 1665.0kg per hectare respectively. The results showed that the application of magnesium fertilizer co...
Principle of comprehensive action of factors?

03-17Principle of comprehensive action of factors?

Crop yield is the result of the comprehensive action of nutrients, water, varieties, management and other factors. Although there is a leading factor that restricts the growth and development of works to a certain extent, we must pay attention to the positive and negative interaction between various factors at the same time.

03-17What is the basis of scientific fertilization?
The scientific application of fertilizer should first be based on the above four fertilization theories and aim at high yield, high quality, high efficiency, no pollution and improving the fertile soil. It should not only be based on the nature of fertilizer and the characteristics of crop nutrition, but also consider the factors such as soil fertility, cultivation system (scientific fertilization under plastic film mulching, scientific fertilization under different rotation systems and intercro...
03-17How to determine the amount of fertilizer?
The determination methods of fertilization amount include fertility zoning (grade) matching method, target yield matching method, field experiment matching method, computer recommended fertilization method, nutrition diagnosis method, etc. The target yield matching methods include nutrient balance method and soil fertility difference subtraction method; The field experiment methods include fertilizer effect function method, nutrient abundance and deficiency index method, nitrogen, phosphorus and...
03-17Scientific management of fertilizer?
Fertilizer can be used alone or mixed with each other, or even mixed with herbicides and pesticides. Some fertilizers, such as carbon and ammonia, are unstable and easy to volatilize. Some fertilizers are easy to agglomerate and reduce fertilizer efficiency under high temperature and high humidity conditions. Therefore, the conditions of high temperature and high humidity should be avoided during the storage and transportation of fertilizers.
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