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  • Principle of comprehensive action of factors?

    Principle of comprehensive action of factors?

    Crop yield is the result of the comprehensive action of nutrients, water, varieties, management and other factors. Although there is a leading factor that restricts the growth and development of works to a certain extent, we must pay attention to the positive and negative interaction between various factors at the same time.

  • What is the basis of scientific fertilization?

    What is the basis of scientific fertilization?

    The scientific application of fertilizer should first be based on the above four fertilization theories and aim at high yield, high quality, high efficiency, no pollution and improving the fertile soil. It should not only be based on the nature of fertilizer and the characteristics of crop nutrition, but also consider the factors such as soil fertility, cultivation system (scientific fertilization under plastic film mulching, scientific fertilization under different rotation systems and intercro...

  • How to determine the amount of fertilizer?

    How to determine the amount of fertilizer?

    The determination methods of fertilization amount include fertility zoning (grade) matching method, target yield matching method, field experiment matching method, computer recommended fertilization method, nutrition diagnosis method, etc. The target yield matching methods include nutrient balance method and soil fertility difference subtraction method; The field experiment methods include fertilizer effect function method, nutrient abundance and deficiency index method, nitrogen, phosphorus and...

  • Scientific management of fertilizer?

    Scientific management of fertilizer?

    Fertilizer can be used alone or mixed with each other, or even mixed with herbicides and pesticides. Some fertilizers, such as carbon and ammonia, are unstable and easy to volatilize. Some fertilizers are easy to agglomerate and reduce fertilizer efficiency under high temperature and high humidity conditions. Therefore, the conditions of high temperature and high humidity should be avoided during the storage and transportation of fertilizers.

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