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American experts came to our city to guide and exchange the planting technology of solar greenhouse

Our reporter (reporter Qin Wei) from March 20 to 21, Larry Markoff, an American plant nutrition expert, chairman of greencare company and chairman of Wuhan Ruilai fertilizer Co., Ltd., came to our city to investigate, study, guide and exchange the promotion and application of drip irrigation technology and water fertilizer integration technology in facility agriculture.

Larry Markoff and his party successively came to Yangtong village, Yongchang Town, Liangzhou District, Fangfa Town, Xinzhuang village, Changcheng Township and other solar greenhouse construction demonstration sites, Wuwei sand industry and circular agriculture demonstration park, Baili seedling company and other places to teach local farmers scientific fertilization methods through data analysis, on-site experiments and on-site training, He also explained in simple terms the current situation of farmers' fertilization and the resulting soil problems, as well as modern agricultural technologies such as scientific balanced fertilization and soil improvement. He also interacted with farmers on the problems existing in traditional fertilization. After listening to Larry Markoff's explanation, farmers said that Mr. Larry came to us from the United States to explain modern agricultural technology, which moved us very much. We learned from him the effective solution of scientific and balanced fertilization and soil improvement, which benefited us a lot.

At the symposium, Larry Markoff spoke on the significance of the application of water-soluble fertilizer for food safety, environmental protection and low-carbon energy conservation, and exchanged various issues of water-soluble fertilizer with some agricultural and water conservancy experts in the city and district.

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