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Chief leading expert on stage - the first online live broadcast of "citrus planting communication seminar" was successfully held

From August 2 to 3, the online activity of "communication and Discussion on suitable planting of Citrus" hosted by the national modern agriculture (Citrus) industrial system and undertaken by Hubei GreenKel Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully carried out. Professor Deng xiuxin, chief expert of national modern agriculture (Citrus) industry technology system and academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, took the lead in teaching, researcher Liu Jianjun, chief expert of citrus breeding of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and vice president of China citrus society, Professor of central China Agricultural University and post scientist of national modern agriculture (Citrus) industry technology system, Yi Hualin, Ke Fuzhi, associate researcher of Zhejiang Citrus Research Institute and Zheng xunling, chairman of Hubei GreenKel Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., and other experts, combined with the current development trend of citrus industry, especially varieties and quality, have solved doubts and doubts for the majority of Citrus science and technology workers and growers from different angles.

China is the most important origin of Citrus in the world and the largest producer. It is rich in resources, diverse ecological types of producing areas, and various varieties and types suitable for planting. With the development of social economy, the development of citrus industry has also entered a new period. The importance of variety selection to production areas and producers is becoming more and more prominent. At present, China's citrus industry is entering a key period of variety structure adjustment and cultivation technology upgrading. Characteristic and differentiated development is the main theme and the key to improving economic benefits. In the face of variety promotion, how do new entrants choose varieties? A series of questions such as how to adjust and optimize the variety structure in the old producing areas need to be answered urgently.

In this context, in order to help citrus practitioners solve their doubts and doubts, based on the current situation of national epidemic prevention and control, this online citrus planting exchange seminar was hosted by the national modern agriculture (Citrus) industry system and hosted by Hubei GreenKel Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. The meeting took place in the evening. Academician Deng xiuxin's report is "review, bottleneck and future of citrus breeding in the world", focusing on the breeding characteristics, breeding design, current breeding situation and future breeding ideas in China at home and abroad, especially in the United States and Japan in the past few decades. The content of researcher Liu Jianjun's report is "the Enlightenment of the success of late maturing citrus ugly citrus and Chunjian in Sichuan Basin", focusing on the climatic characteristics of Sichuan Basin, the benefits of the successful planting of ugly citrus and Chunjian and the supporting technologies developed. The report of associate researcher Ke Fuzhi is "Introduction and breeding of Japanese hybrid citrus", focusing on the current situation of introduction in Japan and the characteristics and adaptability of selected improved varieties and improved varieties. Professor Yi Hualin's report is "research and practice of citrus varieties suitable for planting in the right place", which focuses on the characteristics of the adjustment and change of Citrus Varieties in China, how to adjust and practice and suggestions of citrus varieties suitable for planting in the right place. At the same time, Zheng xunling, chairman of Hubei GreenKel Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., described the research and practice of improving citrus quality, mainly introducing the scientific research and practical exploration of their company in improving citrus fruit quality.

The five teachers are well-known experts in China's citrus industry. They have profound attainments in their respective research fields, both theoretical height and rich practical experience. The teachers' lectures are illustrated with detailed data, vivid language and easy to understand. They have been highly praised by the online audience of the national citrus industry. We still have a lot to say. It's fun! As of 0:00 on August 4, the total number of viewers has exceeded 13000, the number of followers in the live room has reached 1076, 777 interactive comments and 31000 likes have been harvested.

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