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Mr. Larry won the "Yellow Crane Friendship Award" in 2011

Wuhan municipal government has made a decision to determine the list of "Yellow Crane Friendship Award" in 2011. There are 8 winners in total, from Britain, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Among the experts, Mr. Larry, chairman of Wuhan Ruilai fertilizer Co., Ltd., a wholly American owned company, won the award. Mr. Larry came to China for the first time in August 2004 and brought the advanced agricultural fertilization technology of the United States to China. Greencare Corporation, located in Illinois, is one of the leading research and production enterprises in fertilizer science and technology in the world. Its products are famous for high quality, high efficiency, balance and environmental protection. They are widely used in agriculture and horticulture in the United States and even the world. They are known as the leader of new fertilizer technology in the world.

(on the far left is Mr. Larry, the chairman, and on the far right is Zheng Xun, the general manager)

It is reported that Wuhan set up the "Yellow Crane Friendship Award" in 1993. So far, 106 foreign experts and international friends from 14 countries have won this honor. In addition, the winning foreign experts are eligible to participate in the national "Friendship Award". Since its establishment in 1991, 15 foreign experts in Wuhan have won the award.

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