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Wuhan Ruilai fertilizer was invited to attend the press conference of non-public enterprise development forum

On March 9, 2011, the press conference of the non-public enterprise development forum was grandly held in Beijing. Many leaders including Chen Peng, vice president of the China Society of international trade, Cui Dianjia, vice president of the China Association for the promotion of enterprise cooperation, attended the meeting.

This forum will continue the pragmatic style of previous sessions, earnestly study, explore and solve the outstanding difficulties and problems faced by the development of non-public enterprises, and promote the scientific development of non-public enterprises; Encourage entrepreneurs to take the development of low-carbon economy and transformation of development mode as the top strategic task of the 12th Five Year Plan, take the development of innovative economy as the main direction, and take scientific and technological innovation as the main driving force, promote transformation in development and seek development in transformation.

Wuhan Ruilai fertilizer Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Zheng xunling, general manager of the company, spoke on the significance of the application of water-soluble fertilizer for food safety, environmental protection and low-carbon energy conservation, and exchanged various questions about water-soluble fertilizer with major media.

After the meeting, CCTV reporter interviewed Zheng xunling, general manager. He said: the application of water-soluble fertilizer will be the trend of the fertilizer industry in the future. The use of fully water-soluble and pollution-free water-soluble fertilizer can not only effectively solve the problems of serious soil hardening and land acidification, but also effectively reduce the harm of crop diseases and pests and reduce the use of pesticides. Scientific and effective use of correct fertilizer is of great significance for food safety and environmental protection.

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